The Geographic Scope for RCE Greater Dhaka

Bangladesh is a tropical monsoon country in South Asian Region. It is a funnel shaped deltaic floodplain of the Ganges, Brahmanputra, Meghna, Karnofuli, Shangu and Matamuhuri rivers meets to the Bay of Bengal. The northern and eastern Boundaries are the hills of eastern Himalayas and Arakan and Lusai ranges respectively. Huge monsoon rainfall brings



CGEC as the leading actor and main operation centre has contributed to the expected functions of RCE in several ways. Awareness on ESD among the university communities and in Dhaka has been raised through seminars and workshops. ESD awareness has also been raised nationally through the government representatives working on ESD and through the recognition of the RCE. Contributions have been made to reorienting the approach towards environmental education, and ideas and information on implementing the DESD strategy have been disseminated. Collaborations and a network among various stakeholders in the region are also being developed.


There is a high level of concern and awareness among the communities on environmental issues, and a variety of programs and activities are in place to address these as well as the social and economic aspects of sustainable development. While these awareness-raising programs are very important, a more comprehensive education-based approach is still needed. The mission of RCE Greater Dhaka is to build capacity to deliver, support and generate innovative education for sustainable development in Greater Dhaka. This will be achieved by working with partners and by developing a coordinated communication and dissemination framework for regional ESD projects and programs.


Organizations involved


  • The core organization of RCE Greater Dhaka is Center for Global Environmental Culture (CGEC), International University of Business, Agriculture and Technology (IUBAT), Dhaka and others
  • Institute of Forestry and Environmental Sciences, Chittagong University of Science and Technology (USTC), Chittagong
  • Rotary District 3280 Bangladesh with Rotary Club of greater Dhaka
  • Department of Politics and Governance, GonoVishwabiddyalaya, Dhaka
  • Department of Environmental Engineering, Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SUST), Sylhet
  • Department of Agro-Technology, Khulna University, Khulna
  • WWOOF World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms, Bangladesh
  • FEPPCAR Forestry Environment Plantation Crop and Permaculture Consultancy and Research
  • Nawab Habibullah Model School & College
  • Red Crescent Youth, Chittagong


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