The Geographic Scope for RCE Greater Dhaka

Bangladesh is a tropical monsoon country in South Asian Region. It is a funnel shaped deltaic floodplain of the Ganges, Brahmanputra, Meghna, Karnofuli, Shangu and Matamuhuri rivers meets to the Bay of Bengal. The northern and eastern Boundaries are the hills of eastern Himalayas and Arakan and Lusai ranges respectively. Huge monsoon rainfall brings

Objectives and Goals of the RCE


The RCE Greater Dhaka facilitates collaboration to research, develop and promote Education for Sustainability and Global Citizenship, so that is central to the emergence of a sustainable megacity and coastal zone. The vision of the RCE Greater Dhaka is to tackle the problems identified in the key ESD challenges in the region and contribute to the promotion of Education for Sustainable Development both locally, regionally and globally. The RCE’s ultimate vision is to engage all city dwellers as well as the people of the coastal zone of Bangladesh in lifelong learning and effective change of sustainable ways of being, living, working and acting. It is envisioned that the RCE Greater Dhaka will serve as an example of good practice to other regions facing similar sustainability challenges and issues and contribute to the goals set by the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development.


Vision of RCE Greater Dhaka


  • Respect, value and preserve the achievements of the past. Appreciate the wonders and the peoples of the Earth
  • Live in a world where all people have sufficient food for a healthy and productive life
  • Assess, care for and restore the state of our planet
  • Create and enjoy a better, safer, more just world be caring citizens who exercise their rights and responsibilities locally, nationally and globally.

    RCE Greater Dhaka’s Belief is to educate individuals and communities to make aware of environmental facts, moral development, practices to implement individually, then to friends and family and then zonal and regionally.
    RCE Greater Dhaka’s Goal is to achieve a Green Earth, a place for all for the generations to come. Respecting the natural laws, and reframing the socio-economic structures
    RCE Greater Dhaka will provide formal and informal education of Sustainable Practices for awareness, implementation and moral development of youths, students, children, volunteers, trainers and teachers, households and policy makers through academic and non-academic counseling, training, seminars, workshops and field days etc. ESD provides interdisciplinary and holistic learning rather than subject- and values-based learning through multi-dimensional approaches: word, preaching, advocacy, mustering, debate, doing and practicing individually.
    The specific objectives of the centre, in particular, are:


  • To apply of knowledge management science for effective management of environmental aspects.
  • To develop and integrate indigenous knowledge on environmental management and sustainability through research and consultation.
  • To conduct training and workshops for executives and policy makers to develop skills in environment.
  • To develop academic specialization on environment.
  • To disseminate information on environmental issues through information sharing and publication.
  • To develop appropriate linkages with national, regional and international environmental              organizations.
  • To study on ethnic and traditional wisdoms and cultural practices to fill the knowledge gap           towards sustainability. 
  • The programs of RCE Greater Dhaka include Training, Workshops, Seminars and conducting research and exchange of knowledge through networking. It will monitor the on going development activities and will scrutinize the long-term sustainability and also the contra effects of both short term and long term benefits in respect to global environmental changes.
    Special attention will be given of functional mechanism of ecosystem services and their sustainability.



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