The Geographic Scope for RCE Greater Dhaka

Bangladesh is a tropical monsoon country in South Asian Region. It is a funnel shaped deltaic floodplain of the Ganges, Brahmanputra, Meghna, Karnofuli, Shangu and Matamuhuri rivers meets to the Bay of Bengal. The northern and eastern Boundaries are the hills of eastern Himalayas and Arakan and Lusai ranges respectively. Huge monsoon rainfall brings

Regional challenges


With the increasing population quick and unplannned urbanisation and industrialization, destruction of forest, wetlands and hills have been changing the landscape and influx of huge population in the capital city Dhaka. As a result, the megacity has been facing multi-ficet crises like food, water, energy, pollution, waste management, salinity intrusion, natural disasters: floods, tidal surges, cyclones and tornadoes, droughts etc. Moreover, as a most unlivable megacity of least developing country- poverty, illiteracy and social indiscreancies, crimes and political instabilities widening the gaps between the rich and poor. Food security is becoming the biggest challenge for huge population in the city. It is now a very unsustainble habitat.

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